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    LeMans 3015 PRO Series Sheet Fiber Laser – a cutting-edge solution for precision metal fabrication. With an impressive X-axis stroke of 1530mm, a Y-axis stroke of 3050mm, and a Z-axis stroke of 250mm, this laser cutting machine offers unparalleled versatility for your manufacturing needs.

    Boasting a rapid X-Y Max. Positioning Speed of 100m/min and a Max. Positioning Linkage Speed of 140m/min, the LeMans 3015 PRO Series ensures efficient and swift operation. Its acceleration of 1G guarantees quick and precise movements, enhancing overall productivity.

    The machine’s accuracy is unmatched, with a Positioning Accuracy (Pa) of 0.05mm and a Repeat Positioning Accuracy (Pa) of 0.025mm, providing the precision required for intricate designs and complex projects. With a maximum loading capacity of 850Kg, it accommodates various materials and thicknesses with ease.

    Crafted for durability and stability, the LeMans 3015 PRO Series has a robust construction with a machine weight of 7000Kg. The machine’s compact outline size of 5501mm×2450mm×2169mm ensures it fits seamlessly into your workspace, optimizing floor space.

    Reliability is key, and the LeMans 3015 PRO Series comes equipped with a power supply of 3 phases, 380V/50HZ, and a power source protection level of IP54, ensuring a stable and secure operation.

    Upgrade your metal fabrication capabilities with the LeMans 3015 PRO Series Sheet Fiber Laser – where precision meets efficiency in every cut.

    Cutting Examples

    Technical Parameters

    X-axis stroke


    Y-axis stroke


    Z-axis stroke


    X-Y Max. Positioning Speed


    Max. Positioning Linkage Speed




    Positioning Accuracy Pa


    Repeat Positioning Accuracy Pa


    Max Loading capacity


    Macine weight


    Machine outline size


    Power supply

    3 phases, 380V/50HZ

    Power source protection level


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