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    The fiber laser 3D 5-Axis laser machine series signifies a groundbreaking leap in metal processing technology. By harnessing high-density, high-energy laser beams transmitted through optical fibers to its three-dimensional processing head, this series ensures rapid and precise workpiece processing without any physical contact. Its non-contact approach makes it exceptionally adept at tasks such as hole cutting and trimming on various surfaces, offering unmatched flexibility and ease of operation.

    The fiber laser products are widely used in automotive, mold, household appliances, engineering machinery, ships, hardware, medical equipment, fitness equipment, and other fields to meet the requirements of various metal workpiece surface cutting and trimming.

    Compared with robot 3d cutting, it has fast speed and high precision;

    Compared with the traditional CARBON dioxide laser cutting machine, the use cost is low, the operation is simple, and the maintenance is convenient.

    High Efficiency

    Maximum synthesis positioning speed is 170m/min, maximum synthesis acceleration is 1.7g, and rotation table 2.5s can complete a single displacement.


    The gantry double drive structure is adopted, which has good stability and can realize 24-hour continuous stable production.


    Equipped with a fully sealed laser protection room, the light curtain ensures the safety of personnel in the workbench area.

    Cost Efficiency

    Cost performance is higher than other equipments, with shorter delivery time, less cost input, and lower maintenance cost.


    Large HMI interactive interface, convenient operation, rich information, including process database, graphic display, automatic fixture control, rapid program editing and modification and other functions.


    • Autofocus Laser Cutting Head 
    • The Segmented Rectangular Tube Welded Bed 
    • IPG Fiber Lasers Source
    • Yaskawa Servo Motors
    • Clamp Design


    Cutting Examples

    Technical Parameters

    Project Technical Parameters
    Equipment model LASERBOT 3015
    Stroke of each shaft X-Axis 3000mm
    Y-Axis 1500mm
    Z-Axis 680mm
    A-Axis ±135°
    C-Axis Soil n*360°
    U-Axis ±12.5mm
    Technical parameters of rotary table Rotation diameter 4000mm
    Side max. load 400kg
    Min shifting time ≤2.5s
    Accuracy X/Y/Z Axis Position Accuracy ±0.03mm
    X/Y/Z Axis Repeat Position Accuracy ±0.02mm
    A/C Axis Position Accuracy 0.015°
    A/C Axis Repeat Position Accuracy 0.005°
    Speed X/Y/Z Axis Max Positioning Speed 100 m/min
    A/C Axis Max Positioning Speed 720°/s
    X/Y/Z Axis Max Acceleration 1.0G
    A/C Axis Max Acceleration 5400°/s2


    Phase No. 3
    Rated Voltage 380V
    Frequency 50Hz
    Protection Level IP54
    Weight & Size


    Net Weight -16000Kg
    Space Size(Length×Width×Height) ≈7800mm (L)x7600mm (W)x3900mm (H)

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