LeMans Handheld Laser Cleaning Machine

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    Cutting-Edge Surface Cleaning

    Embrace the future of surface cleaning with LeMans laser cleaning machine – a high-tech marvel of the new generation. With it’s power ranging from 1000-2000W – Say goodbye to traditional methods and welcome a revolution in cleanliness.

    Effortless Control, Seamless Integration

    Experience unparalleled ease of control and seamless integration into automation processes. Our cleaning machine is designed for simplicity and adaptability, making it the perfect fit for your industrial needs.

    Chemical-Free, Surface-Friendly

    Bid farewell to chemical reagents and embrace a cleaner, greener approach. LeMans laser cleaning machine offers conformable surface cleaning without the use of harmful chemicals, ensuring both environmental sustainability and surface integrity.

    Precision Cleaning, Zero Damage

    Achieve unparalleled cleaning precision with strong controllability. Our machine delivers high cleaning cleanliness without compromising surface integrity, ensuring pristine results every time.

    Environmentally Conscious, Reliable Performance

    Prioritize environmental protection without sacrificing performance. LeMans laser cleaning machine is highly efficient, reliable, and almost completely devoid of damage, offering a solution that’s both eco-friendly and dependable.

    Grind-Free, Pollution-Free Cleaning

    Opt for a non-contact cleaning solution to avoid secondary pollution. Our machine ensures a clean, pollution-free environment while maintaining the integrity of your surfaces.

    No Consumables, Longevity Guaranteed

    With no consumables required, our laser cleaning machine is a strong advocate for environmental protection. Enjoy cost-effective, long-term performance without the need for frequent replacements.

    Versatile Applications

    From metal surface rust removal to paint treatment, oil and stain cleaning, surface coating, weld surface pretreatment, and more – LeMans laser cleaning machine tackles a wide array of cleaning challenges with ease.

    Applied Across Industries

    Whether in automotive, shipbuilding, rail transit, aerospace, rubber mold, or environmental protection sectors, LeMans laser cleaning machine is the go-to solution for impeccable cleaning performance.

    Elevate your cleaning standards with LeMans – where precision meets efficiency, and sustainability
    meets reliability. Choose LeMans for a cleaner, brighter future.


    • Non-Contact Cleaning Interaction
    • No Consumables
    • Green Process
    • Low Operating Costs
    • Fast Set-up
    • Easy to operate


    Cutting Examples

    Technical Parameters

    Model LeMans HC
    Voltage 220V/380V, 50/60Hz
    Power Consumption < 8000W (incl. water cooler)
    Working temperature 5ºC ~ 40ºC
    Laser Power 1000W / 1500W / 2000W
    Wavelength type Continuos / Pulse
    Fiber length 5-10m
    Cooling method Water-cooled
    Scanning Range 5mm~120mm, Continuously adjustable
    Focal length of field lens (mm) 160mm(Optional 160mm~500mm)
    Depth of focus Max. 10mm
    Overall size (mm) ~ 1055x620x1090
    Total weight ~ 190kg
    Cleaning head weight ~ 1,9kg
    Operation method Hand-held/automated

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